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028 - Minha primeira música.

Your way

your hair

The way you move

Its not fair

Your smile

Is sexy and funny.

Your black shirt. Her little red dress.

Why do you disappear sometimes?

His sexy and funny smile.

caught my eyes.

I'll never forget when we first met.

when you smiled and kissed me.

And when you opened your eyes

saying it was magical.

and we had to say

some goodbyes

I didn't imagine you like this,

maybe I wanted blue eyes.

I live by saying that we choose

but I changed my mind.

I didn't choose you, my soul has (did)

I just agreed.

What I feel when I'm with you;

is it good for you, too?

like a bird you fly.

like a bird you sing.

So many things

go away and come back

in your head.

like a sweet bread.

and coffee with sugar

just for you.

But I know they're going to leave

when we're together

Maybe it's a whole new feeling for you, too.

Just feel, even apart we are together.

you and I

I am you.

And you are (me)

not mine.

Your sexy and funny smile.

Your black shirt. Her little red dress.

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